A happy plant is a well fed plant

I use this:

Follet Watch Us Grow

Follet’s ‘Watch Us Grow ’ is formulated for Pelargonium and is available in a ratio of 8-8-8. The concentrate comes in pint and gallon sizes. Becomes active within minutes of application. Can be used as a foliar feed.

I use this - Osmocote Geraniumpage.com

Osmocote comes in ratios of 10-10-10, 14-14-14 and 20-20-20 and is a slow release type fertilizer with micro-nutrients and can be applied infrequently as directed by the manufacturer

I use this - Dyna-Grow - Geraniumpage.com

Dyna-Grow is a liquid concentrate available in a ratio of 7-7-7 and contains the proper micronutrients. Apply frequently as directed for best results.

I use this - Jack's  Professional - Geraniumpage.com

Jacks Professional is a dry water Soluble fertilizer made especially for Geraniums and has the required micronutrients for growth, roots, and bloom. This fertilizer is a product of J. R. Peters Inc. Use as directed.

After growing Geraniums for over 60 years you think that you know everything and that the fertilizer which you use is the only good product on the market. Well, if it works for you, fine!

We can most all agree on one thing and that is these wonderful plants prefer a balanced diet of equal amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash plus specific micro-nutrients to filmish all of their needs. We can also agree that ‘Hot’ formulations are injurious to these succulent plants.

Formulations from 7-7-7 to 15-15-15 are the ‘safe’ range for use. Higher ranges may be used only when the dilution ratio with water is increased to levels safely absorbed by the plant or by using slow release type products.

Geraniums also require micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, boron, iron, manganese, copper and zinc. Some commercial fertilizers do not have micronutrients, check the labeling first and if they do not then it is recommended that you also use a micronutrient supplement such as a seaweed extract.

Fertilizers are available in granular, pellet, crystalline and liquid form. Some of the granular and pellet products are designed to be a slow release form. Their compounds are released over a period of several weeks to several months and therefore are very user friendly.

The liquid products are usually bottled as concentrates which require you to follow the manufacturers directions for proper dilution rates. Certain liquid fertilizers such as F ollets ‘Watch Us Grow’ may be used as a foliar spray as an alternative to the conventional drench method. Dramatic results appear in as little as 36 hours.

Little reminders:

  • Reduce the application of fertilizers during warm (hot) weather as the plants are under a lot of stress. In the Central Valleys of California this period usually lasts from mid May until mid to late September.
  • Do not apply liquid fertilizer when the soil is dry. All fertilizers have a burning characteristic and only apply when the soil or planting medium is moist.
  • Apply granular, pellet or crystalline fertilizers at the soil surface and gently blend into the soil mix so as not to disturb the roots and water normally.
  • Geraniums are just like people in that they need food just like we do on a regular basis to remain healthy and happy.