How to Photograph GeraniumsClick Image to EnlargeLight diffusers reduce the harsh bright light of the sun and the subjects ’colors are true and exciting when photographed. Shade the flower and the backdrop so that the background in the photo is dark.

A ‘Snuffer’ bottle is used in gold panning. Fill it with water and you have the perfect flower holder.

Use a sturdy tripod and a shutter release device as your shutter speeds are going to be slow.

Use a good quality ‘Macro’ lens between 50mm and 105mm. Extension tubes may be desirable for ultra close up work.

Set the camera to ‘Aperture Priority’ with the F stop set at F -22 or above.

Set your ISO at 400 or above as you want the shutter speeds to be between 1/8 and 1/30 of a second for best results.

Experienced photographers should use manual camera settings and bracket at least 3 exposures with camera set to RAW image format.